We provide a wide range of legal services to address violations regarding an individual’s rights. We leverage our breadth of experience in specialty areas to provide a personally tailored service to our clients.

We consult with our clients to attempt to resolve disputes informally if possible or map out a strategy to litigate their disputes as efficiently as possible.

Consulting care

We consult with individuals, family members, and fiduciaries who seek guidance as to whether a lawyer could assist with legal issues relating to any of our practice areas.

  • We recognize that sometimes the best solution to a problem does not involve lawyers, but requires legal advice.
  • We believe in exploring pre-litigation resolution whenever possible.

We litigate in state and federal courts including motion practice, discovery, summary-judgment, pre-trial motions, and try cases to a jury or court verdict.

Jurors seats

If clients’ disputes require a lawsuit, we can represent you through the many phases of litigation, up to trial before a judge or a jury.

  • We have tried over 150 cases to verdict.
  • Our clients have received numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts.

We provide estate, trust, conservatorship, elder abuse, and elder-law services.

Elders hands

We represent individuals, family members, and private professional fiduciaries to administer trusts and estates, resolve disputes, prosecute elder abuse, protect incapacitated and vulnerable elders.  In all cases, we strive to honor the wishes of those who can no longer speak for themselves.

  • Our attorneys understand the unique tools available to deter and remedy elder abuse in probate and civil rights proceedings.
  • We have recovered millions of stolen assets for our clients. We have also successfully defended clients against baseless elder-abuse claims.  
  • We guide fiduciaries, whether acting as agent, trustee, or executor, to carry out the tasks required of them, both during an elder’s lifetime and following death.  
  • We represent beneficiaries of trusts and estates to ensure they receive the benefits due them.  
  • We represent professional fiduciaries, family members, and those nominated in estate-planning documents to establish and administer conservatorships.  We have also successfully negotiated lesser-restrictive alternatives to conservatorships, avoiding a formal legal proceeding while still ensuring care and assistance to an elder in need.

We appeal righteous cases in state and federal courts.

Gavel and Block

We raise legal issues and causes to the courts of appeal to both ensure recovery for our clients and pursue meaningful public policy for our community.

  • Contributed to over 125 appeals on myriad civil-rights issues over the past 40 years.
  • Named counsel in over 35 published decisions.
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