News – Army Vet Sues Santa Rosa Police Over Post-Seizure Arrest

Imagine regaining consciousness with a dark-colored sack over your head, arms and legs restrained and unclear how you ended up that way. That is how Santa Rosa resident Andy Ford, a U.S. Army veteran with a brain injury suffered while serving in Afghanistan, recalls emerging from an incapacitating seizure he experienced in public in February 2018.


News – Brian McVeigh vs Recology | Lawsuit Reinstated

Abusive termination of employment, January 2013: employee/whistleblower fired for reporting fraud in the “buy-back” program of recycled glass, plastic and aluminum get his lawsuit reinstated. McVeigh leveled serious charges of fraud, embezzlement and corruption against San Francisco-based Recology, accusing the unregulated garbage collection monopoly of bilking the State of California and taxpayers out of millions of dollars.

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