We pursue cases involving the government’s abuse of power and putting the innocent in more dangerous situations, foster-care children’s rights, police misconduct, prior restraints, selective and malicious prosecution, excessive force, and consumer fraud in its many forms.

“The most patriotic lawyer enforces all of our civil rights.”

Retired Judge Thelton E. Henderson

The Scott Law Firm has counseled individuals in state and federal actions alleging civil-rights claims under state, federal, and Constitutional law. We have experience litigating violations of the United States and California Constitutions; the Elder Abuse & Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act; the Americans with Disabilities Act; 42 U.S.C. Sections 1981, 1983, and 1985; the Bane Act; the Ralph Act; the Unruh Act; the Fair Employment and Housing Act; Titles VII and IX; the Consumer Legal Remedies Act; the False Claims Act; the False Advertising Act, and myriad statutes and scenarios ranging from excessive force to danger creation to extortion to conspiracy to malicious prosecution to highway robbery and beyond.
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Lady Justice for Civil Rights

Due to the complexity of the ever-changing landscape of related laws and immunities, navigating a civil-rights case to resolution requires expertise; dismissal rate is over 70%; only 3% result in trial.