Scott Law Firm was launched as a private practice in 1977. Since then, we have tried over 150 cases to verdict in California and Nevada, and handled in excess of 100 appeals.

Our Philosophy

Under the law, we are all equal. We all enjoy civil rights and liberties, and the right to live a peaceful life. But without enforcement, the laws designed to protect us all are mere words. When law enforcement cannot or will not ensure our personal rights, civil litigation provides a possible remedy.

At the Scott Law Firm, we are passionate and selective in the cases and causes we champion. Injustices invite a legal solution that is often not obvious. Working with our clients, we relentlessly pursue justice on their behalf.

Since 1977, the Scott Law Firm has protected individuals’ civil rights by holding accountable those who abuse their authority or position of trust. Although out history includes many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, our greatest successes are the cases that influence public policy and impact not only our clients, but also their families and communities.

Since 2003, we have broadened our practice horizons to help families navigate elder law and probate matters involving trusts and estates, conservatorships, and elder abuse. As we have all experienced, each family has its own unique history and, often, long-entrenched dynamics. At the Scott Law Firm, we approach all of our probate cases, whether involving a difficult decision to seek the court’s help to protect a vulnerable elder or working to ensure a deceased loved one’s last wishes are honored, in a way that respects and, if necessary, navigates, those unique dynamics through the process.

Meet Our Firm

At the Scott Law Firm, we handle elder abuse and probate cases involving difficult decisions to seek the court’s help to protect a vulnerable elder, ensure a deceased loved one’s last wishes are honored, and vigorously pursue wrongdoers in litigation.

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Cases & News

Published Decisions

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Our Partners

Like-minded advocates collaborate in our quest for justice. We are fortunate to have many esteemed colleagues in our circles. We welcome co-counsel and amici to join us. Please contact Liza de Vries.