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About Scott Law FirmScott Law Firm was launched as a private practice in 1977. Since then, we have tried over 150 cases to verdict throughout the State of California, and  handled in excess of 100 appeals.

On our own or as co–counsel with Oliver Jones,  Regional Counsel for the NAACP, we were primarily involved with police misconduct cases in federal court–amongst them, over a dozen death trials. The 1980′s turmoil also brought us several employment discrimination cases, and we tried on behalf of female police officers such as Jan Glenn-Davis, Elaine Schaeffer, Patricia Fuller. In parallel, we focused on patient’s rights issues, often representing cases involving the mentally ill confined in locked facilities. Highlights:

  • a $3M verdict against the Richmond Police Department following a three month trial.  The  case was reported on 60 Minutes and was believed to be largest police misconduct verdict as of that  date.
  • one of the first verdicts in California involving employment discrimination based on sexual preference.
  • over a dozen cases against Napa State Hospital, many of the cases involving death at the hands of other patients, prescription drug related, apparent suicide, or unexplained reasons.


During the 1990’s we had the pleasure and honor to try over a dozen “mission impossible” cases to verdict on our own and in collaboration with Leroy Lounibus, Jr. Highlights:

  • an unprecedented $2.3M verdict in the case of Estate of Adams v Gomez, when Mark Adams was shot to death in a prison yard.
  • a high-profile lawsuit  against the Oakland Police Department known as the “Riders” case.  We participated in the discovery process and  a year of negotiations supervised by the Honorable James Larson, resulting in a comprehensive consent decree/MSA and $11M settlement.


Our practice areas diversify with the addition of financial abuse and elder abuse cases.

  • recovered millions of dollars for elders, dependent adults, children, and their private professional fiduciaries, pursuing rights under the Elder Abuse & Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act in probate and civil courts.
  • uncovered Secret Witness Program where San Francisco police officers paid witnesses unbeknownst to anyone in the courtroom violating Brady protections and the Constitution.
  • exposed discriminatory practices against special-needs foster-care children to revise adoption system in Contra Costa County.
  • tried and won in multiple cases of police brutality, such as  Hogya vs. City of Petaluma and DeSantis vs. City of Santa Rosa.
  • our passionate pursuit for justice occasionally led us to representing our clients in appellate courts, such as in the cases of McVeigh vs. Recology and A.D. vs. California Highway Patrol.

Meet the Team:

John H. Scott

John H. Scott

Lizabeth N. de Vries

Lizabeth N. de Vries

Our philosophy:

Under the law, we are all equal and protected. We all have civil rights and liberties, as well as the right to live a peaceful and plentiful retirement. But without enforcement, the laws as mere words on a page. Enforcing your rights is expensive, and the process is draining- both emotionally and financially.

At Scott Law Firm, we seek ways to provide high quality work with as little financial stress as possible on our clients. And high quality work doesn’t mean just working hard. It means working smart, and believing in what we do. It means caring about giving you the opportunity to win your case and regain not only your status, but your peace of mind. It means focusing on your needs. And it means listening to you, providing realistic legal advice, and then relentlessly pursuing your goals.

Since 1977, the Scott Law Firm has protected individuals’ civil rights by holding accountable those who abuse their authority or position of trust. Although our history includes many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, our greatest successes are the cases that influence public policy and manage to impact our clients, their families and communities-at-large.

At Scott Law Firm, we carefully select our cases so as to not only secure a win for our clients, but also to set the legal precedents bound to affect real change in public policy, both in California and across the rest of the country.

Our partners:

When a complicated case comes along, people like us pool their energy to collaborate in the quest for justice. We are fortunate to have many supporters and feel honored to have been solicited as experts on their cases. The following list is a selective collection of esteemed attorneys and firms we have teamed up with to best represent our clients’ interests: Ethan Balogh, John Burris, Stan Casper, Jim Chanin, Prescott Cole, Anne Costin, Randolph Daar, Chris Dolan, Ingrid Evans, John Feder, Michael Fiumara, Tom Greerty, Colette Hughes, Darren Kessler, Leroy Lounibos Jr., Suzy Moore, Jim Quadra, Eric Safire, Amitai Schwartz.