The Scott Law Firm fights for victims of Civil Rights violations and Elder Abuse throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We hold individuals, public entities, and companies who abuse their authority or position of trust responsible for their actions.

ABC 7 News: San Francisco woman’s suit: BART officers used excessive force, 4/27/15

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The Scott Law Firm fights to deter and prevent Elder Abuse and Civil Rights violations. Our dedication, expertise and personal involvement have yielded resounding successes to improve our clients’ and their families’ lives.
Our Elder Abuse lawyers prosecute cases in federal and state probate and civil courts involving Financial Abuse, Neglect and Physical Abuse. We also represent professional fiduciaries, elders, and family members in complex probate matters.

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Although our history includes many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, our greatest successes are the cases that influence public policy to help not only clients, but also their families and communities.

Case study – Elder Financial Abuse

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Michael v. Home Care Assistance

The Claims: Financial abuse
The result: The parties settled on confidential terms.

Michael v. Home Care Assistance: Liza de Vries represented a 91-year old woman to pursue remedies under the Elder Abuse & Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act for elder abuse alleging the defendant falsely advertised its services and enlisted a convicted felon, who predictably stole from the elder, to provide in-home care services.


Case study – Excessive Force


McFarland v. Marin County Sheriff

The Claims: Police misconduct
The result: The case settled for $1.9M

McFarland v. County of Marin: John Scott teamed up with Ethan Ballogh to represent a 62-year old man whose Fourth Amendment rights were violated when he was Tased repeatedly in his home for telling two deputy Sheriffs to leave.


Case study – Trial and Appellate Practice


A.D. v. Markgraff

The Claims: Police brutality resulting in death
The result: Plaintiffs win at trial and on appeal establishing standards when an officer’s “purpose to harm” precludes qualified immunity under the Fourteenth Amendment.

A.D. v. Markgraff: John Scott and Tom Greerty represented the children of Karen Eckland whose mother was shot and killed by California Highway Patrol Officer Stephen Markgraf. We won at trial and on appeal in the Ninth Circuit by overcoming the qualified-immunity defense and proving the officer shot his gun with a purpose to harm Ms. Eckland—not for any legitimate law-enforcement objective.